Booth Rental Tips for Texas Cosmetologists

Texas cosmetology booth rentalBooth renters are independent contractors that lease space in a beauty shop, spa or nail salon. As a current or future cosmetology booth renter in Texas, you need to make sure you understand the laws and rules. The following guidelines will help you run your booth well:

  • Remember You're a Business Owner: You are not an employee of the salon or spa. You are responsible for which services you provide, setting your business hours and prices; buying your own products; paying your own taxes; marketing your services; getting your own clients; paying for your own cosmetology CE hours; and all the other things that small business owners have to do. Make sure you are mentally prepared for this responsibility.
  • Maintain Valid Licenses: The TDLR requires you to have a valid cosmetology license and an up-to-date booth rental license. There are stiff penalties if these licenses aren't current. Recently, in Fort Worth, a shop owner and an independent contractor without a booth rental license were each fined $750 by the TDLR.
  • Understand Your Booth Rental Lease: You and your landlord need to have a written agreement so everyone is clear about rules and expectations. The lease should state what the landlord will provide; how much rental payments are and when they are due; etc. Review the agreement carefully to make sure it says what you think it should say. It’s always good practice to have an attorney review it before you sign it.
  • Handling Walk-in Clients: Understand how the salon handles walk-in clients. Generally, a rotation system works best, but there are other options. The important thing is that you and the landlord agree on what the rules are.
  • Maintain Required Items: The TDLR requires you to have a wet disinfectant soaking container, a clean, dry storage area, a proper container for storing used towels and linen; and a current law and rules book. In addition, if you work in a beauty salon, you must have a work station and a styling chair. If you work in an esthetician salon, you must have a facial bed or chair and one mirror (hanging or hand held). If you work in a manicure salon, you must have a manicure table with a light, a manicure stool, and one professional looking chair.

Following these guidelines will help to make your booth rental experience as professional and enjoyable as possible.

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